Outsourced Accounting with a Personal Touch

Pricing & Scope of Work

Ramos Accounting & Tax Services provides flexible pricing plans to fit every business, big or small. Pick the package that meets your needs, from solo entrepreneurs to expanding businesses.

What's Included in the Outsourced Accounting Model

We'll clean up your books, establish a perfect chart of accounts and ensure you're setup correctly.
Provide an in-depth analysis of your taxes, financial situation and accounting system.
We'll create a comprehensive tax reduction plan for the current year and the future, identifying how to keep more of what you make.
We'll provide excellent bookkeeping every month, keeping you up to date and doing it to perfection.
We'll set you up on the best payroll, and either run it for you or equip your staff to do it.
We'll help you pay your payroll taxes throughout the year, so you don't get caught off guard.
We'll provide monthly or quarterly reports and management dashboards for key performance indicators.
We'll meet before year end to make major tax mitigation decisions around investments, purchases and strategy.
We'll close out your books and perform high levels of year end reporting.
We'll make year end tax season a breeze since we've done all the bookkeeping, tax payments & tax plans.
We'll prepare & file your taxes.
We'll guide you to build tax efficient wealth & provide guidance on mitigating risks for you, your business & family.
Small Business
Basic Operations
Simple Tax Planning
Simple Bookkeeping
Simple Tax Preparation
Growing Business
Mid Levels of Complexity
Mid Level Bookkeeping
Mid Level Tax Planning
Mid Levels of Employees
Scaling Business
Higher Levels of Complexity
Higher Level Bookkeeping
Higher Level Tax Planning
Higher Level CFO Meeting
Larger Teams

Empower Your Business Year Round

Pro-Active Leadership & Guidance

We don’t wait till year end, we engage deeply throughout the year to help you lower taxes & build a more scalable business.

Personalized Tax Strategies

We work closely with you all year to create tax plans that fit your business, helping you save money and avoid surprises.

Pristine Bookkeeping, Done by an Enrolled Agent

Perfect books lead to more profits and lower taxes.

Invest Your Time Where It Matters Most

You will finally achieve your work-life balance and finally take that vacation you've been planning with your family.

Real-Time Financial Insight

Stay ahead with our real-time financial reporting, giving you instant access to your financial health, helping you make fast, informed decisions for your business.

Schedule a Tax & Accounting Analysis

Don't risk your business with cut-rate accounting.

With us, you get proactive, skilled care that keeps your books accurate and ahead of the game.